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We’re not your average clothing boutique...

Reckless & Refined was founded by a mother and daughter duo who became fed up with overemphasized trends, poor quality products, and unsustainable business practices prevalent in large retail chains. Our vision was to create an ideal store that emphasizes quality, fair labor practices, and sustainability—this vision became Reckless & Refined.

How we're different

Reckless & Refined is a low-inventory retailer that sources products from small-scale manufacturers and made-to-order designers, significantly reducing waste and promoting sustainability. We prioritize exceptional quality by rigorously testing our products to ensure customer satisfaction. We are committed to our employees' growth and success, providing opportunities for development, advancement, and autonomy to ensure that everyone on our team feels valued, recognized, and equipped to achieve their career goals.

Where diversity meets equality 

Growing up with a multiracial background and having gone through many fashion phases, it was always difficult for me to find the right group. I wanted to create not only a store but an environment where no matter who you are, your body-shape, mood, personality, beliefs, and tastes in design, you can freely shop and congregate under one roof without any judgement. I felt that equality was achieved by recognizing the common facts of life, that we are humans: we are full of life, we have a heart, a soul, blood running through our veins, emotions, thoughts, obstacles, etc.. However, it is our interests that bring us together and though we may come from different backgrounds, our purpose of meeting is to share our love for fashion.

- Rachel Anderson, Founder


Our Mission

To supply an array of styles to meet a diverse rage of people, personalities, and budgets.

We believe that it is important to express and accept yourself without boundaries. 

Our Vision

To create an environment where all can feel welcome, appreciated, empowered, and autonomous.

Our goal is to make your goals more achievable. We're kinda empaths here, so if you feel unhappy we also feel unhappy. We strive to create a better today and tomorrow for everyone and strongly believe in the power of working together and respecting each other.  

Our Motto

If it's not good enough for you, it's not good enough for us.

Reckless & Refined provides a carefully curated selection of goods from brands that are ethically sourced, with distinguishable quality, and uniqueness that is not commonly found in big-box stores. We are committed to keeping this practice in place by doing research and product testing before placing them on the shelf. 

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